1. Last October, some of the Rick & Ray squad met up with TEAM MANILA/DAILY GRIND CLOTHING for a LA photoshoot. Here are some of the images they sent us (featuring Glen Exaktoh, KreativeThought, Martin Fabros, Shelly Samia, Wella Angeles, and Tricia Jamanila).

    Stay tuned for future projects involving the Philippines based streetwear brands. Peace to owners Jowee and Mon for the photos!

  2. Here’s what the Executive Team is soundtracking as we get through the end of the work week. Among other things, we’ve been storyboarding a music video (Garfield Adams), detailing shows in the Bay (Rhythm Natives), getting an album release schedule locked (Bambeeno), sourcing features for a producer project (Asi), updating a website (Shelly), and finalizing EYES UP (June 28) and LiFESWELL (July 6)…

  3. Happy birthday to our very own, WELLA!

    Happy birthday to our very own, WELLA!

  4. R&RCM Executive Team (Tricia, Wella, Glen) minus one (Jovin) after LIFESWELL last night.

  5. There was some downtime during our photoshoot, so owner, Tricia Jamanila (right), and CFO, Wella Angeles (left), decided to have fun in front of the camera.