1. In case you missed the last EYES UP with Hoodini & King, KB iMean, VerBS, and El Prez, here’s a recap by our friends, Sickest Addictions.

    Remember, the next EYES UP is this Thursday with Computer Jay, Freddie Joachim, Taurus Scott and Descry. More info is HERE.

  2. Part two of EYES UP coverage.

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  3. Here is PART ONE of EYES UP coverage from last Thursday night at Nola’s in LA. Peace to everyone that came through, especially our performers: Hoodini & King, KB iMean and DJ Spintelect, VerBS, and El Prez.

    Stay tuned for news on the next one!!

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  4. EYES UP Artist: Hoodini & King

    Hoodini & King perform tomorrow night at EYES UP. Get to know the producer-emcee duo here.

    1. Can you give us a little background on how Hoodini & King came to be?

    We both live in the San Fernando Valley in LA…Not the most glorious of hometowns or the most well-represented, but it’s home. We went to different high schools, and KinG! is a year older than me, but we had some mutual friends who knew that we both made music. He was producing for this other rapper at the time, and somebody showed me that guy’s mixtape. The rapper was cool and all, but I was more drawn to the music behind him. The homie introduced us, and that was that. This was back in like 2007. We made a couple random songs here and there, until I started coming around more often and we started getting more serious. By summer of 2010 we dropped a mixtape, and over the past two years we`ve been performing all over North America and releasing a couple small projects. Over time, we just progressed from a producer-emcee duo to a musical item known as Hoodini & KinG!.

    2. What are your top 5 producer-emcee duos? How are they influential to you two?

    *shrugs shoulders*

    3. Where have you performed and what has been your favorite show and why?

    We’ve been blessed to perform all throughout North America. Most recently, we’ve been going up and down California - since March we’ve performed at UC Irvine, UC Davis, UCLA, the Conga Room, UC Riverside, University of the Pacific (Stockton); we opened for Blu at CSUN and opened for Skeme at the Whisky A Go Go.

    Favorite: UOP in Stockton. Usually when we do shows, we get to meet a lot of different types of people who are either fans or want to work together, and that’s enough to make us feel like we’re doing something worthwhile. We always get love and make new friends, but Stockton was just something else! After the performance, we ended up becoming homies with like everybody in the crowd, and we ended up going to this function down the street. We were just out there posted with a bunch of random people till like 3 in the morning just bullshitting, freestyling, whatever. No fights, no cops, just all love.

    4. What are you currently working on? Any releases and/or collaborations that we should look out for?

    Currently working on the Complex Ignorance EP - set to drop this summer. (The first video drops soon…like real soon). We make music that is free of boundaries and categories, so the concept behind the album is to bring together a range of opposites and show you how Hoodini & KinG! make them work together.

    5. What is the best advice you can give to fellow artists trying to get their music out to the masses?

    Keep it honest, keep it creative.

  5. Peace to the NewClvssix team for this video of last month’s EYES UP (featuring Handroidz, Rhythm Natives, and Bambeeno with Kixxie Siete)!

    Remember, the next EYES UP with performances by El Prez, VeRBS, KBiMEAN, and Hoodini & King is on Thursday, June 28. Check HERE for more info.