1. Play, then work…

    Yesterday, we were scheduled to be in the South Bay for a follow up meeting with Kixxie Siete and Jon (Argonautix), and then LA for the Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra) and Dove Society show at Little Temple. If you don’t know, Garfield Adams has been working with Shafiq and Dove Society (which includes J Maka El whom you’ve seen on our blog and and whom you’ve heard on Garfield’s track, New Life). Both the meeting and the show were successful; we’ve been put onto some dope talent.

    Before we did all that, though, we decided to spend some time in South Bay. Wella (CFO) is originally from the area and took Tricia (CEO) and Shelly (our makeup artist) around for some local eats and the beach.


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