1. Spotlight: Ro Blvd

    Some of his tracks have been on the radio. He’s got attention from MTV, URB Magazine, and XXL. His album drops next month. And he’s your other guest DJ at LIFESWELL happening next Thursday, Dec 22. Get to know Ro Blvd:

    1. When/how did your career begin?

    I started to produce in 2001 doing tracks here and there for friends and any artist(s) that was willing to work with me. Then years later hooked up with U-N-I and did “A Love Supreme”. From that day forward my passion soon turned into a career and I feel blessed everyday to go to work.

    2. Is it important for a DJ to have production skills and vice versa?
    No; but it helps if you know how to apply it.

    3. What are you currently listening to?
    My album HEART POUNDING PANIC coming out soon.

    4. Tell us about your upcoming album.
    Heart Pounding Panic is an album from a producer’s perspective. It is sonically engineered to bring out one’s emotion when listened to. With a great supporting cast such as Krondon (Strong Arm Steady), Thurz, and Free Speech to name a few, Heart Pounding Panic is more than just an album; it’s an event. Not for the faint of Heart. YOU’RE GONNA BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT. THANKS.

    5. URB Magazine branded you as one of the next 100 to reach musical success. What does that mean to you?
    That I better not FUCK this up.

    6. What does a typical day with Ro Blvd look like?
    -Breakfast while watching Kitchen Nightmares
    -Head to my office for work

    Then repeat the next day.

    7. What are your daily essentials?
    Great company and great food.

    8. Top 5 places to eat in the valley.
    -Costa Azul

    -Seoul Korean BBQ
    -Fab Hot Dogs
    -Zankou Chicken (even though there’s some locations outside the valley; it’s a must)
    -Studio Yogurt

    Ro Blvd


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